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Adult Classes


For adults, martial arts benefits can include improved physical fitness, confidence, flexibility, stress relief, self control, and strength. Adult classes are basically broken down into 3 broad catagories; Beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each catagory has ranked belts that identify that persons skill level.

Beginning students will learn and practice their basic stances, strikes, and blocks while learning how to utilize essential training equipment, including focus mitts, kick shields, and heavy bags. This class will also emphasize basic conditioning and self-defense.

Once the beginner staged is mastered, adults move on to the intermediate stage where forms, sparring, and grappling are introduced. Adult students learn "forms" (Katas), or imaginary fight scenes with multiple opponents, thus improving each student's coordination, balance, focus, and breathing. Sparring presents itself as an opportunity for students to practice their kicking and punching skills, reaction timing, and general movement, with a partner in a controlled manner. Protective (sparring) gear is used for this type of training. Grappling styles, at Superkicks, focuses on teaching students how to take opponents to the ground (or defend themselves while on the ground) where they either achieve a dominant position or utilize a submission hold to end the fight.


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